All about us

The GAce Consulting - Construction began in 1960 with private projects in Attica and Viotia, worked on the commercial housing construction in the '90s, and moved on with the construction of special private and public buildings. Today it is a great team based on the cooperation of specialized Engineers that cover every field in engineering. Our experience in the field of building projects, and technical-economic studies make us trustworthy and reliable.

The company provides :

  • Free check of the state of your property by experienced engineers
  • Free tech-economic offer.
  • Design of each project in terms of time and money saving.
  • Scientifically treated projects
  • Supervision of your construction's progress.
  • High quality of services owing to constant training of all our partners
  • low prices

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Architect Engineer NTUA

 George Adrianos is an Architect Engineer NTUA since 1991. He has Diploma of public projects in classes six (6) architectural and seven (7) special architectural projects. He has worked as a PROJECT MANAGER architectural department of construction company "NGK SA until 2002 in numerous special buildings. Since 2004 he is member of GAce by the design department and from 2010 are Energy Inspector Building emphasizing the energy and bioclimatic building design




Civil engineer AUTH

George Apostolopoulos is graduate civil engineer and studied at the Polytechnic School of the Aristotelio University of Thessaloniki since 1987.For many years he worked on the construction of private projects receiving experience in planning. He worked on large sites of the ATHENS METRO since 1998 taking experiences for large underground projects and organizing large sites. In 2002 he recruited in Attiki Odos until 2004 expanding his experience  in road construction.From 2004 since today dealing with an engineering GACE - manufacturing, He has  Scholar degree in categories 2 and 8 and deals with structural design, static design of concrete stone and metal buildings